ICC official statement on Westfield conviction

The Chief Executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Mr Haroon Lorgat, on Friday made the following statement after former Essex cricketer Mervyn Westfield was sentenced in the spot-fixing case.

“While the ICC takes no pleasure from anyone being sent to jail, it is a decision of the court which we support and I believe would act as a deterrent to anyone who is tempted to sully the good name of cricket,” Mr Lorgat said.

He continued: “The ICC operates a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and will use everything within its power to ensure that any corrupt activity within the game is comprehensively investigated and, where possible, robustly prosecuted. We have always stated that we will follow every possible avenue to ensure the integrity of cricket is protected.

“In November 2010, the ICC Board required all Members to implement a domestic anti-corruption code which mirrors that of the ICC and the fact that this offence took place in a domestic competition is a timely reminder for us never to be complacent.”

“In the context of domestic vigilance, the ICC acknowledges the commendable steps taken by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in setting up their domestic anti-corruption ACCESS Unit,” Mr Lorgat concluded.

The ICC will make no further comment on this matter.

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